Nano-Reef Aquariums

A Comprehensive Guide To Successfully Running a Nano-Reef
© April 2013
Incorporates All the Very Latest Techniques, Practices and Equipment Used in 2013
For Beginners and More Advanced Hobbyists Alike
A Partial List of What Is Included as their is much more than what is listed Below
- Filtration: Mechanical, Biological, Chemical, Carbon Dosing, Pelletized Filtering, Sandbeds, Deep Sand Beds, Live Rock, non live rock, artificial rock, pre-made structures for Nano-Reefs, Macro-Algae and Mangroves filtration, and even more, as any possible type of filtration is covered, even the newer ones such as ULNS, Bio- and other pellet forms, anommox (anaerobic ammonium oxidation), Color enhancing system additives (e.g Coral Zucht/ZeoVit, Ultralith and others).
- All Compounds used and needed for filtration and their pros and cons. Includes mechanical, chemical, biological and other forms of filtration that are currently used by either a large number of Hobbyist, or by only a few at this time, as some of those techniques are so new that they have not gained wide popularity and implementation yet.
- The Equipment used, including a number of newer types of devices, e.g. Advanced Reactors, Stand-alone Skimmers, HOB filters, HOB skimmers, double reactors, tumbler devices, sulfide reactors to reduce nitrate, and more.
- Refugiums, Sumps large and small as well as display and non-display sumps and refugiums, lighting including of course LED's and all other types in use, substrates types, Sandbeds: shallow and deep sand beds (DSB's) and what the current thinking is about such deep sand beds (do they actually work?).
- Diseases of Fish and Corals, Coral Pests including AEFW, Flatworms, Aeolid and other carnivorous Nudibranchs, Pest Sea Spiders, parasitic copepods, and other organisms that prey on our corals and Cnidarians.Includes all the pests that eat your corals, Zoas, Palys, and other organisms you have in your Nano-Reef + suggested methods on how to rid the Nan0-Reef of them, including what can be used to do so (e.g additives, medications, and other products).
- Pest algae and how to deal with them, compounds you can use and those you cannot use to treat the aquarium when trying to deal with nuisance algae such as Red and Green Bubble algae, hair algae, slime algae, Dinoflagellates, Diatoms, Wiry Red algae, Bryopsis and more pest algae.
- Fishes for the Nano-Reef, with many images and photos and a lot of detail on their care, habits and requirements. And a lot of them are discussed!
- LPS and SPS corals for the Nano-Reef, as well as non-photosynthetic ones, Soft Corals are included as well. All are described in great detail.
- Invertebrates, Crustaceans and a large number of other life forms for the Nano-Reef
- Everything in the Book is explained in "far more detail" than what is found anywhere else, including in books currently on the Market, books that were introduced recently, or in the ones that have been around for a while. - And a lot more .... too much to mention here.

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